First State Detachment Membership

We are always looking for new members for the First State Detachment. Join us and add your contribution to our community service projects. You will also find we have fun socializing. If you miss the camaraderie you had while in the service, you’ll find it again as a member of the FSD. The first thing you should know is that there are two categories of membership. Regular Membership is open to all Marines and Fleet Marine Force (FM) Navy Corpsmen.

Associate Membership is available for members of the other U.S. Armed Services and also to patriotic Americans who did not serve but who are interested in supporting and contributing to our mission. Marines eligible for regular membership must be serving or have served on active duty for no less than 90 days. Marines currently in the Marine Corps Reserve are eligible it they have earned no less than 90 Reserve Retirement Credit Points.

FMF Navy Corpsmen may become regular members it they have served or currently are serving with a Marine FMF unit in excess of 90 days and who have earned the Marine Corps Device or Warfare Device on the service ribbon authorized for FM Corpsmen. U.S. Navy Chaplains who have earned the FMF badge serving with the Marines also are eligible for Regular Membership. Click on the Membership Application Button below and you are all set to join us. The other buttons provide additional information about the Marie Corps League and the First State Detachment.

First State Marine Corps League

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